These PDFs contain all of the images seen in their respective galleries.  They are combined in a fashion that shows greater detail and with a flow taking you from one image to the other.  They are here for you to download and view at your leisure.  You are free to pass them along to your family and friends. 

How does water affect this wonderful world of ours? During winter time when water freezes it makes the most wonderful shapes.  As water flows over the parched landscape it carves it way making interesting patterns in the sand.  Contrast the two with this portfolio of images.

Eons of time have produced a magnificent sculptural paradise.  Summer thunderstorm and winter run-off have formed and shaped these canyons.  The lines and shapes created by nature is awe inspiring and to spend time in this place is an experience never to forget.

It doesn't take long for the rivers of North-East Minnesota to fill to capacity and run into Lake Superior with spectacular grace and beauty.  It was only after a period of much rain when I went up to the 'North Shore' and over the course of a short weekend experiences the force of water flowing down to the banks of the lake and transforming the strength of nature into beautiful ribbons of silk.

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