Hi, my name is Roger Nordstrom. I was born in Southern California to parents that were lovers of the outdoors. We traveled all over California from the ocean to the deserts and on to the mountains. Since both of my parents had roots in the Midwest we often traveled cross country by car during the summer months. Fortunately this was a time before portable video games and DVD players so I was able to gain a knowledge and appreciation of our awesome country. After returning from our trips we would get together with friends and relatives and watch slides of the trip. That was always something I looked forward to as a youngster.

My dad was an avid amateur photographer. He seemed to always have a camera in his hand, sometimes a still camera and at other times a movie camera. One day he even bought a Polaroid, he was an early techno-geek, and we were able to see the magic of a photograph coming to life right before our eyes. Well that did it for me, my interest in photography was born.

I developed my first roll of film as a young teenager, used the darkroom facilities in Vietnam (between time spend out in the field) and, after Vietnam, worked in the photography department at Santa Ana Community College. I built a darkroom in the garage and would spend all the time I could taking pictures, developing film and making prints. It was a magical time.

The start of a career in IT took me away from photography until the early 2000’s when the digital revolution hit. Now living in Minnesota, my dormant creative bones have come to life and now they take me all over making, processing, printing, matting and framing my photographic art.

Photography is a constantly evolving life pursuit. I practice Photography as an interpretive art form. You, me, the camera, all of us see the world differently. It is my goal to take what the camera gives me and layer it with my vision reflected by my experience of sights, sounds and feelings. The results are intended to draw us into the image and speak to us emotionally. Within each image there are things that awe us, amaze us, inspire us and deeply connect us.

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